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Express yourself on lotus leaves from the nature in Himapan Seoul! 


Our lotus are grown in central Thailand, in a sustainable environment without chemicals.

The lotus leaves are carefully selected before being processed by hand to ensure the quality of our products.

Our canvases are locally produced in order to support Thai wisdom and craftsmanship.

The texture of lotus leaves is unique and inspirational. 

It enables your creativity !

Our in-house artist is here to guide you step by step.

Our workshop last for 3 hours. We provide all the materials and tools needed.

Did you know that lotus symbolizes purity in Asia ?

Did you know that lotus symbolizes purity in Asia ?

Different sizes of canvas are available at the studio. You will make your choice on arrival.

There's no particular skills required. Lotus leaf painting is suitable for everyone in the family !

Most popular sizes :

48 x 48 cm

Sets of 3 pannels :

40 x 90 cm (each)

40 x 40 cm (each)